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team 2021

Members of the HuMAN Lab Team in 2021
From left to right: Julian Brummer, Martin Köllner, Oliver Schultheiss, Heidi Reichmann, Bastian Beyer, Jessica Hinzmann, Gelena Dlugash, Sara Bergmann



Foto Oliver Schultheiss
Oliver C. Schultheiss
Professor,, 2007, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
Dr. phil., 1996, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
Dipl.-Psych., 1994, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
Curriculum vitae

I became interested in implicit motives as an undergraduate student, and the interest soon turned into a passion to which I have dedicated all my research ever since. My main areas of research are the endocrine underpinnings of implicit motives, the relationship between implicit and explicit levels of motivation, the role of implicit motives in the processing of facial expressions of emotion, and how implicit motives influence Pavlovian and instrumental learning. Recently, I have also started to examine the ability to quickly name nonverbal stimuli as a fundamental cognitive trait and how this trait interacts with brain asymmetries in perception and motor control in a variety of phenomena related to motivation and personality.


Foto Martin Koellner
Martin Köllner
Dr. phil., 2015, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
2014-2017 & 2022/02-2022/05  Vice director of the HuMAN Lab’s hormone lab

Curriculum vitae

My research is centered on organizing hormone effects and the motivational brain. After exploring the relationship of implicit and explicit motives meta-analytically, I investigated the effects of implicit motives on implicit instrumental conditioning in a behavioral implicit learning paradigm during my PhD studies. Currently, I am validating a biopsychosocial model of implicit motive development that incorporates prenatal and pubertal organizing hormone effects of sex steroids. In several studies, I found relationships between implicit motives and markers of pubertal hormone exposure like facial width-to-height ratio and the newly derived ulna-to-fibula ratio. On a methodological level, I aim at improving the assessment and testing the validity of established and alternative markers of organizing hormone effects. Findings from this research will be beneficial to understanding the contribution of pubertal hormones to body and brain development in humans. Additional areas of research include sport psychology and motor learning.

foto kevin janson
Kevin Janson

Curriculum vitae preparation


Carola Walther Carola Walther

Curriculum vitae

My main research interest is coding implicit motives in video material and utilizing such material in motivational arousal studies. Therefore as a first step I coded well-known movies for implicit motives and analyzed them with regard to their motive strength and profiles. Short clips with high implicit motive content derived from this project have already been used in a recent arousal study with pre-post-PSE-administration and additional studies with further refined video material will follow. Another exciting question in this context is whether the commercial success and the subjective evaluation of movies are related to their motive content or the motive strength of their trailers. Moreover, I am working on refining coding rules for audiovisual material. In this context I am devising a new systematic calibration set for prospective coders of audiovisual material.
Furthermore, I am interested in clinical psychology and psychotherapy for which reason I am planning to further study the link between implicit and explicit motives and psychological well-being.

HuMAN Lab Alumni:

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Albert Bertram
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Andreas Rösch
Ramona Roch
Ekjyot Saini
Daniel Schad
Anja Schiepe
Maria Schultheiss
Ishita Sheth
Steven J. Stanton
Jamie Wazenkewitz
Katy Welsh
Michelle M. Wirth
Diana Yankova


Joachim C. Brunstein, University of Giessen
Stephanie Brown, University of Michigan
Kenneth L. Campbell, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Andy Elliot, University of Rochester
Barbara L. Fredrickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Todd M. Thrash, The College of William & Mary
Brenda Volling, University of Michigan
Wilma Bucci, Adelphi University

Other links: Christoph Schultheiss (physicist), Research Center Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
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